Environmental compliance software

Managing EU REACH, RoHS, California Prop65 and other product regulations has never been easier...or more flexible

Environmental compliance software for

Managing EU REACH, RoHS, California Prop65 and other product regulations has never been easier...or more flexible

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Why Rumzer?

Rumzer's easy-to-use software and support services allow manufacturers of all sizes to manage the compliance of their products to environmental regulations such as EU RoHS, REACH, TSCA, California Prop 65 and more.

Compliance simplified

Rumzer's software solution keeps up with changes to EU REACH, RoHS, Prop 65 and other environmental policies so you don't have to.

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Our software allows you to effectively communicate directly with supply chain peers using IPC1752 & IEC62474 standards.

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Your data is yours

You have complete control over your data. You can host Rumzer's software solution on our cloud, your cloud, or even in-house!

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"CRM for compliance"

CRM concepts like in-app email, notes, contacts, workflow, and task management simplify your compliance processes.

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Regulations are complicated;
Rumzer is not.

Rumzer borrows concepts from CRM and tax software and applies them to product environmental compliance. Like CRM, you manage compliance workflow using email, contacts, tasks and other collaboration tools. Like tax software, Rumzer oversees environmental regulation changes so that compliance documentation preparation and control is simplified.

You manage your business. Let Rumzer manage environmental compliance.


Spend less green
being green .

Everyone wants safe, environmentally friendly products. However, manufacturers need to control environmental compliance costs. Rumzer's easy-to-use, economical software minimizes costs and maximizes environmental compliance.


No long-term commitment

Easy start-up

Customizable & secure


Host Rumzer on our cloud, your cloud, or in-house!

Your data is your data. That's why Rumzer gives you secure hosting options and uses IPC1752 and IEC62474 XML standards to maximize data exchange.


Multiple hosting options


Our cloud

Your own, secure, AWS hosted data store - shared with no one else.


Your cloud

Do you use a non-AWS cloud platform? Our Enterprise Plan allows hosting on any cloud platform.



Purchase a Rumzer software license and host your solution within your internal environment.