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Manage your product's compliance to EU REACH, POPs, Prop 65, PFAS and over 20 other international product regulations using our flexible, affordable, and effective software and services.

Rumzer's Software Suite

Maximize market access, support your corporate sustainability objectives, and minimize your product compliance costs with our integrated, cloud-based product stewardship suite.

Rebecca P.

Manager of Regulatory Compliance

Commercial Vehicle Group

Rumzer's compliance software allows our team located in multiple locations/countries to manage our complex products. We are able to focus our efforts, streamline our process, and provide compliance declarations to our customers in a timely manner.

Best of all NO more spreadsheet tracking!

Rebecca P.

Manager of Regulatory Compliance

Commercial Vehicle Group

Engineered for product stewardship.

Founded by experienced product design and software engineers, we built our platform from the ground up with your complex Bills of Material in mind.

Multi-industry support

We have you covered.

Complex product? No problem. Our engineers built our apps with you in mind. If you manufacturer, distribute or sell an engineered product that is in a global supply chain, let's talk.

  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Ag and construction equipment
  • Heavy truck, motorcycle, and specialty vehicles
  • Medical devices
  • Construction products
  • Rubber, plastic, and metal products
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Ship building (marine)
  • Industrial products
  • Consumer goods
  • Machinery and equipment
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International markets

We think globally - just like you.

Global product material compliance is increasingy complex. Rumzer has you covered with environmental and technical requirements while continuously adding to our regulatory coverage.

  • EU REACH SVHC, Annex IV, & Annex XVII
  • EU & China RoHS
  • EU CE marking
  • California Prop 65
  • Aerospace-Defense DSL
  • IEC 62474 DSL
  • Minimata Convention
  • CA Toxics in Packaging
  • EU POPs Annex I - IV
  • EU Ship Recycling
  • ...and growing!
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OEM support


Track, monitor, and store compliance information in a single, easy-to-access platform, reducing the potential of product or supplier related issues, simplifying record keeping, and streamlining the process of keeping products compliant.

Manage Supply Chain Compliance

Manage requests to suppliers using our in-app email tool and IPC-1752 XML.

BOM Management

Easily manage complex BOMs by uploading CSVs or via system integration.


Automation improves compliance process throughput up to 400%.

Simplify IT

Use our web services to expand the capabilities of your in-house ERP, PLM and other systems.

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Suppliers increasingly see demands to provide compliance information to their customers. With Rumzer, you can track customer requests, verify compliance internally, and share this information with customers in multiple ways.


Our customers have been up-and-running within 24 hours and 2 hours of training.


Rumzerbot analyzes your BOMs down to the substance level to support your compliance assessments.

Track Customer Requests

Monitor the status of customer compliance requests and respond with branded PDF compliance statements.


We have plans to fit the budget of businesses big and small.

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Compliance keeps distributors busy. Automatically share compliance information via your on-line catalog using our integration and the click of a button.

Online Catalog Integration

Automatically post compliance documents to your online catalog with our integration.

Centralize Data

You manage many SKUs. Keep compliance information organized with Rumzer.

Improve Profitability

Rumzer is the most cost effective compliance solution on the market.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your customers need compliance information. Get it to them faster with our suite of software and services.

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Compliance consultants


You're a product compliance expert. Now you have a toolbox you can use to better serve your customers and grow your business.

Multi-Client Support

We engineered our software to allow users to support many organizations with a single sign-on. So, managing multiple clients is a snap.

Increase Profit

Improve your efficiency with automation and grow your business.

Improve Capabilities

Now you can tackle more product compliance challenges in one integrated platform. Help clients move towards a true Product Stewardship model!

Make Clients Happier

Product compliance is complex. Rumzer isn't. Get more done for your clients in less time and money.

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Customers want compliant products.

Your customers want products that comply with technical and environmental regulations. And now with Rumzer's suite of software and services, you can meet their demands more effectively than ever.

Elevate Your Brand.

Keep ahead of the competion with compliant, socially responsible products.
Customers want them. Regulators demand them.

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