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Take control of product material compliance.

  • Simplify and automate your compliance to product environmental regulations such as EU REACH, RoHS, POPs, US TSCA, PFAS, Prop 65, and more.
  • Integrations with EU SCIP, IMDS and ERP/PLM systems available.
  • Publish your compliance declarations directly to your own website or on-line product catalog with one click!
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You're in the driver's seat with MatCheck

Respond to customer material declaration requests, manage complex supply chain relationships, and publish compliance information to your own website with MatCheck.

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Take control of compliance

MatCheck analyzes your Bill of Materials (BOMs) down to the substance level (Full Material Disclosure) - recommending a compliance assessment whenever possible. It also tells you how much of your BOM is assessed - keeping you organized and saving you time.

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Publish declarations to your own website!

Do you sell standard products? Publish your material declarations to your own website with the click of a button so your customers can download them whenever they want - greatly reducing your workload while increasing customer satisfaction.

Attention distributors: We can even integrate with your online catalog!

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Scan large BOMs for substances of concern

Manage declarable substances in the most complex BOMs

Your BOMs can be as deep as needed - even down to the substance level. No matter how complicated your product, MatCheck can manage. Our users tell us our BOM management tools are the best in the industry.

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Host on our cloud, your cloud, or in-house

Your data is your data. That's why each of our customers gets their own database that can be hosted on our cloud, your cloud or your own server. MatCheck's deployment options can't be beat.

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John M.

Engineering Manager

Fastener Industries Inc.

Our team was able to finally get caught up on our material compliance requests with Rumzer. Their software had the features we needed to tackle our compliance backlog.

John M.

Engineering Manager

Fastener Industries Inc.

Discover a new way to manage material compliance.

From our comprehensive coverage of global product material regulations to our workflow automation, Rumzer Matcheck helps businesses maintain control and manage their product compliance risks.

Circle Circle Circle Circle EU ELV EU Ship Recycling Regulation US TSCA EU POPs EU REACH IEC 62474 DSL EU RoHS China RoHS GADSL PFAS Minimata Convention Toxics in Packaging CA Prop 65 And more regulations Aerospace-Defense Declarable Substance List

All inclusive global regulations.

All plans include the Declarable Substance Lists and features you need to manage global product environmental compliance and collaborate with your supply chain partners.

We do not charge separately for individual regulations. Don't see what you need? Just ask!

Screenshot showing how BOMs can be uploaded using CSVs.

Easiest BOM management on the market.

Stop manually re-creating Bills of Material in compliance software! Integrate Rumzer with your ERP/PLM or upload multiple Bills of Materials at once using CSVs. Our CSV import feature can handle the most complex BOMs.

  • Quickly import your BOMs and components using CSVs.
  • Easily identify suppliers and cross-references for purchased items.
  • Manage complex BOMs down to the substance level (FMD)!
Screen shot of inbound request management process.

Manage compliance requests from customers and to suppliers.

You can manage inbound requests from customers as well as send material declaration requests to suppliers with Rumzer MatCheck.

Compliance requests coming into your business

Inbound Requests

Easily manage and track the status of material compliance requests from customers.

Compliance requests going to suppliers

Outbound Requests

Send and monitor material compliance requests to your supply chain partners.

Illustration of assessment workflow

Increase process throughput with workflow automation.

Fundamentally change the way your team manages material compliance, eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce errors and work faster.

Stop watch

Save time

Who doesn't like reducing manual work and increased efficiency?

Progress improving

Track progress

Track compliance assessments from set-up to completion. See where you need to focus resources to move things forward.

Send declarations to your customers

Auto-generate material declarations with your brand.

Upload your logo and use auto-generated, branded material declarations to share product compliance info with your trading partners. MatCheck generates IPC-1752 XML that your customers can download as desired.

Downloadable PDFs and XMl files


Both PDF and IPC-1752 XML formats are generated to make it easy on everyone.

Private label branding

Your Brand

Build your brand's reputation as a responsible, responsive business partner.

Publish material declarations to your own website with one click

Publish publish material declarations to your website with one click.

No one likes the email grind that comes with product compliance documentation. Let your customers pull material compliance statements off your website as they want. This saves them and you the hassle of overcrowded email inboxes.

It just takes a few clicks to publish material compliance documents once setup!


Fast Setup

Your IT team can have your material compliance documents posted on your website by lunch with our easy-to-use code snippet.


Delight Your Customers

Who wants to track emails? Smart customers love the ease of accessing material compliance statements directly from their supplier's websites.

Publish to EU SCIP with a button click

Publish to the EU SCIP database.

If you're required to publish product information to the ECHA SCIP database, you'll love our in-app SCIP integration.

Do you have an in-house compliance, ERP, or PLM tool and just need help publishing your data to SCIP? Our stand-alone SCIPPublisher is the ticket.


In-app Integration

Indicate which items you want to send to SCIP, and MatCheck takes it from there.


Standalone Option

Our SCIPPublisher web service saves IT teams months of development and software updates while allowing them to send required SCIP data via your ERP or PLM system.

In-application task management

Tools to keep your team organized and on task.

Material compliance teams can be located across the globe. Keep them coordinated and moving forward with MatCheck's collaboration tools.

Task check mark


Assign and track progress on your product compliance tasks.

Contact information


Store and manage your product compliance specific contacts in one place.

Get compliance done.

Your access to multi-national supply chains and global markets is too important not to.