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PFAS Tracker

Manage PFAS.

  • Identify and track the use of PFAS-containing components in the most complex products.
  • Organize and store PFAS related information in one central location.
  • Fulfill your obligation to report PFAS under U.S. federal and state regulations.

Track and report PFAS.

The use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in products is increasingly regulated. Ensure you're in compliance and fullfill PFAS-related reporting obligations under U.S. TSCA Section 8(a)(7) Maine Minnesota, and Washington regulations.

Collect Data

Use in-app email to request PFAS-related information from suppliers. Store technical documentation and detail chemical composition details for your entire product BOM.

Analyze PFAS Use

Rumzerbot analyzes complex BOMS to identify where PFAS-containing components are used in your finished goods - reducing manual analysis and calculations.

PFAS Reporting

Fulfill federal and state PFAS reporting obligations using "one source of truth" accessible across your global team. Maintain records as required by regulators.

Meet Deadlines

US TSCA Section 8(a)(7) submissions are due May 8, 2025 for most article importers. Maine PFAS reporting starts January 1, 2025 while Minnesota's begins January 1, 2026.

Mantain Market Access

Maintain your market access! Maine and Minnesota require notification of PFAS-containing articles before applicable products may be sold. Other global markets are evaluating similar regulations.

Reduce Risk

With PFASTracker, you can understand where PFAS are contained in your product - the first step in an effective risk management process.

Upload BOMs using CSVs with one click

Get started fast!

Upload the most complex Bills of Materials using our CSV uploader. Or, integrate your ERP or PLM to directly import your product data. PFASTracker has the tools you need to get moving today!

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Understand PFAS in your product


Defining what constitutes a PFAS can prove difficult. PFASTracker contains US EPA PFAS lists as provided in Comptox . This allows users to check substances in their products against commonly used PFAS lists.

  • Automate checks against EPA PFAS lists
  • Analyze the most complex of products
  • Define your own proprietary PFAS as needed
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