Let's get the compliance monkey off your back.

Rumzer has the functionality you need to manage product environmental compliance with clients experiencing process throughput improvements of up to 400%.

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Built for product environmental compliance

Our powerful cloud software tracks, monitors, and manages your supply chain substance declarations for REACH, RoHS, POPs, TSCA, Prop 65 and other declarable substance lists.


Easily create and manage Bills of Materials

With Rumzer, you can use spreadsheets (CSV format) to import one or many components and BOMs. You can even import Full Material Disclosures.

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Manage compliance requests from your customers and to your suppliers

  • Manage material declaration requests from your customers
  • Send and manage material declaration requests to your suppliers
  • Use in-app Rumzermail to simplify communication

Assess compliance with the help of automation

Rumzerbot analyzes your BOMs for substances and also checks for any pre-existing assessments for items listed in your BOMs. You just need to review, identify exemptions, and approve.

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Easily share Material Declarations

  • Material Declaration PDFs auto-generated with your brand
  • Include IPC-1752A or B XML in your declarations
  • Publish your selected declarations to your own website with our portal feature

Video Demos

Too busy to schedule a one-on-one demo with us? No problem. Check out these short video demos. They'll get you started.

Video cover

Let's start with some basics

(5 minutes 46 seconds)

Follow a gear manufacturer as they upload their raw materials and complete an initial chemical compliance assessment for one alloy.

  • Review some basic Rumzer concepts
  • Uploading many BOMs using a CSV spreadsheet
  • See Rumzerbot auto-assesses compliance of one item
Video cover

Assessing raw materials

(3 minutes 43 seconds)

If your products use standard alloys or other materials, you'll want to check this video out to see how Rumzer can help you auto-assess your products.

  • Create an inbound material compliance request
  • See Rumzerbot auto-assess many standard materials for compliance
  • Review Rumzerbot's work using easy-to-follow workflow

Ready to get rolling?

We offer plans that cater to businesses of all sizes - product environmental compliance is too important not to.