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Rumzer Services

Product Stewardship++

  • Short and long-term service engagements available.
  • Product compliance expertise that takes compliance services beyond supplier email campaigns.
  • Life Cycle Assessments in accordance to ISO 14040 and 14044.

Core Skills

Product Compliance Outsourcing

Project management, compliance engineering, and compliance analysis to lighten your load, save costs, and get you back to core tasks.

Life Cycle Assessements

Analysis of the environmental impacts of your product from raw material extraction to recycling or final disposal.

Compliance Expertise

Collaboration across your supply chain, analysis of your engineering specs, and coordination with material test labs to evaluate material compliance with EU REACH, RoHS, PFAS, and more.


Entry and management of your product info into the International Material Data System (automotive) and EU SCIP database.

Compliance Services

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Compliance Engineering

Rumzer's engineering-focused method goes beyond simple reuqests to suppliers for compliance documentation. We leverage our expertise in product design, manufacturing, and materials to analyze your specifications, coordinating with test labs when necessary to provide comprehensive product compliance answers.


Material Analysis

We go beyond simple email campaigns to understand the materials and attributes that impact the compliance of your products.


Save Time

Tired of waiting for suppliers to provide material declarations? Rumzer compliance engineers will get your compliance process moving forward.

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Life Cycle Assessments

Move beyond product compliance to product stewardship. A Product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a systematic analysis of the environmental impact of your product throughout its entire life cycle, from raw material extraction and production to use, maintenance, and disposal.


ISO 14040 & 14044

Life Cycle Assessments in compliance with ISO guidelines and principles.


Brand Excellence

74% of consumers care about the environmental impact of the products they buy - and they're willing to pay more .

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Compliance Analysts

Outsourcing product compliance adminstrative task allows you to focus on your core competencies and strategic goals. Our team can manage the collection of compliance documentation from suppliers as well as the entry of BOM, FMD, and compliance documentation into Rumzer's software suite, IMDS, and more. .



Free your internal staff to focus on your core business. Let Rumzer focus on obtaining compliance documentation from your suppliers.


Scalable support

Product compliance work fluctuates. Rumzer provides scalable administrative support to handle workload fluctuations.